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Cosmetology services of your beauty studio room "The european countries" certainly are a whole selection of modern day international technologies, equipment and programs that permit you to preserve and reveal organic beauty. So, our studio successfully applies in practice rejuvenating procedures involving exposure to microcurrents. Our list of services also includes traditional cosmetology services. We provide you with an incorporated strategy to your beauty.

We certainly have formed and are regularly establishing the course of therapy with microcurrents - on earth of cosmetology, these procedures are definitely the primary element for correcting grow older-relevant alterations. We certainly have used this expertise and placed it into process really properly.

The present day cosmetology place from the Europa business is in lots of ways similar to a doctor's place of work, because many of the cosmetologist's services call for outstanding hygiene. All of our professionals hold the correct licenses and diplomas, and then we can ensure high-good quality and powerful cosmetology.

Intricate and successful plans for epidermis restoration and care, facial revitalisation, transepidermal management of energetic substances, control over ageing functions, along with deep peels are targeted at deeply renovation of skin cellular material and deep levels from the epidermis.

For function, our experts choose the strongest and modern programs and preparations. Each and every process - microcurrents, vacuum restorative massage, tension treatment method, Health spa-attention - is done, as is standard in cosmetology, taking into consideration the average person qualities from the organism of every visitor in the salon.

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